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The evolution of the group.

The strenght of the team.


It is so important a good team of qualified people, such as able to count on some exceptional Partners. Over the course of our business career, we have tried to be surrounded by persons acting with a business philosophy to share the same values, in order to join efforts in the same direction. The union makes the force.

More than 15 years developing successful projects

we are proud to have, inside the group, with a great team of professionals highky qualified in their respective roles. Engineers, builders, lawyers, financiers, sales persons, consultants, designers, etc. All avilable to provide our customers, partners and investors, optimal solutions necessary to accomplish all its projects.

Meet our Team

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Thanks to all the team of professionals and partners who understand this sturdy group, Invema is able to give a wide range of options and solutions, equal in engineering, construction and financial solutions.

Always with great honestly and transparency.

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RESPONSIBILITY AND TRUST. These values are the foundation of healthy growth. It is to be able to win the trust others have placed in us as individuals and as a company providing personal and corporate ownership in everything we do.


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