Construction of three universities, along with Tu-NH

March 19, 2015

Invema LTD. And Technical University North Holland Foundation (Tu-NH), ending in Miami, according to the development of construction of three technological universities covering, among other specialties, food, technology, new energy, etc. The acquisition of land and therefore their geographical situation will be, the Netherlands, Mauritius and Florida (Miami). Invema LTD. Shall be responsible for engineering, construction and financing thereof, under the specifications and characteristics defined by Tu-NH.


In a brief description of the capacity and services of the University campus, we can highlight the room for 1,500 students, expandable to 2,000. It will provide housing for students, full personal development through sports and leisure facilities besides cognition for students to get a sense of belonging to a community. Interaction and growth of the academic community and the business community will be encouraged; We introduce students the opportunity to establish new companies on campus, with the support of the Univeristy.


University budget will be USD 250 million and USE 50 million for the campus and facilities.




Jorge Martinez (Chairman of the Board), Joaquín Pereira (CEO) and Josephine Simons (secretary).

Tu-NH (Technical University Foundation North-Holland).

Mr. Evander-Jan de Jonge (Chairman of the Board), Peter Doeve Teasure and secretary.


Invema in Lubumbashi (Dem. Rep. Of Congo)

April 28, 2015

Composed by Josephine Simons (Executive Director for Africa and Middle East) and Jesus B. Fuentes (Project Financial Consultant) with Ex. Kapapa Placide, Manager Invema Kamu, Sarl, Director delegation held from 21 to 27 April, meetings with the Governor of the Province of Katanga and its various Provincial Ministers and with the Chamber of Commerce.


These meetings have served to advance the negotiations that are taking in order to formalize contracts for the financing and execution of Agroindustrial Projects, Hospitals, Social Houses as well as other services related to the supply of potable water and energy.


They also had  the opportunity to visit various sites of Calixto Munana Foundation, the hand of  its President Ex. Ms. Nathalie Aziza Munana(Ambassador of Peace), which gave a very warm welcome o the components of our delegation.

Invema with Ecuador Companies

June 1, 2015

During last June, we received in our offices in Barcelona managers of two mining companies of Ecuador.


Both Mr. Jorge Pacheco Altlas Moly Company S.A., as Mr. Jorge Guzman Miningandos Mining S.A, collaboration agreements were signed to generate capital through a financial asset. This asset will be generated and managed by Invema, thanks to the experience and financial capacity available.


The result of all this effort will capitalize these companies to further develop business, expand is business capacity and also allow the realization of humanitarian and private projects, of which Invema has in its porfolio.

Meeting with the Governor of Cross River State (Nigeria), Ben Ayade

June 19, 2015

We had the great honour to receive a visit in Barcelona, Governor Ben Ayade and personal adviser to the engineering and construction of several major projects including stand, power plants, water treatment plants, roads, etc...


At the meeting were, from left to right, the personal adviser to the Governor, Josephine Simons (Executive Director), Governor Ben Ayade, Joaquín Pereira (CEO) and Jordi Martínez (PDG).


Another major project of International significance that will be developed and implemented by the Invema Group.

BEN video link AYADE

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