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Visualize our videos. All have been developed by our design department. If you need to view your projects in a professional manner, tell us and we will advise and develop the best solution for you to show your Project before its implementation.


Header Invema Group LTD.

Development and construction of formalization identity Invema Group, which seeks to represent the three most important functions in which this large group, engineering, construction and financing or financial solutions is based.The video was developed by our experts Invema Design department using the latest technologies in 3D, editing and postproduction.

Mamsha al Saadiyat.

Infographic development of a luxury complex in Al Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi. Proposal developed by Constructora San Jose and Man Enterprise.

La Marina Country Club Night.

3D computer graphics short night, the lighting project development for La Marina Country Club Small. Simulation of colours and effects using the latest LED technology available. For more information about the project, click on the link.

Institutional building Real Madrid.

Spectacular and visual composition draft of an institutional building for Real Madrid.Infographically realization of the project, composition and editing. Our design department has made this video with the latest technologies in 3D and postproduction.

Real Madrid sports city.

Visual representation of the project and work of two football fields and a multipurpose hall in the sports city of Real Madrid. Construction process, with final finishes animated prospects and development, modularization pavilion with its different uses.

International Tennis Center.

Construction process of the International Tennis Center Rafa Nadal in Manacor, Mallorca (Spain). Singular modern construction project with the latest technology in sports teaching and high-performance athletes.

Popular Bank.

Proposition of the construction process for the new headquarters of Banco Popular. In this animation we have tried to capture the construction process of the structure, small viewing times and about specific constructive concepts such as the post-tensioning. Process time 28 months.

Pegaso City.

3D video summary of the implementation of three modern office buildings for city business Pegaso City, next to the airport Madrid (Spain). The most remarkable feature of this project is the design proposal carried out by three of the most renowned architects in this country; Rafael de la Hoz, Lamela Architects and Gabriel Allende.

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