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If you have a "foreseen" business approach and / or need a "single management" plan or prefer to take care of everything, we can customize our services to meet your needs. We are aware of the problems of truckers, as they face being caught at truck stops, looking for loading docks, calling riders with cheap transportation, waiting for emails and paying for copies and faxes. That ends today - "We have it covered!"

Why Invema inc


You are the boss

No obligation to accept cargo

Choice of rate per load

We manage payment for you

We carry out the formalities

We manage the Documentation by Fax / email

We select and provide customers to you

Telephone Operators

Loads for all types of transport

24/7/365 - shippinghelp

Distribution staff

Save time and money with our professional truck shipping services.

What should you have to start?

  • $1,000,000.00 in Auto-Liability & $100,000.00 in Cargo Coverage

    This is the minimum requirement. If you’d like to have more peace of mind with higher coverage, that’s fine by us.

  • Documents to sign "Shipping / distribution agreement" & "Power

    of attorney"

    Why do I need to sign this? First, clarify that this is not a contract. Our services are month by month. If it is a reputed company, you should always settle an agreement in place that explains exactly who and who is responsible for what. This way everyone is protected. There is absolutely no penalty for service interruption. And the "Power of attorney " is necessary so that we can act for you with all "management" with chargers / brokers that you no longer need to address and allow us to sign rates confirming them on your behalf.

  • Proof of Insurance, naming ‘TDS’ as Certificate Holder

    This is a common practice for shippers, brokers & dispatchers alike.

  • Copy of Carrier’s Operating Authority (MC Permit)

    MC #’s can be acquired from the FMCSA:


  • Setup Carrier Package & References

    This not only for our records but also for the Shippers & Brokers we do business with.

  • Copy of CDL (for each driver being dispatched)

    In order to make sure all safety & compliance ordinances by the government are being met, we need to keep accurate records.

  • Signed W-9

    Since 'Uncle Sam' likes to keep the exact records, we process and send our records, in addition to sending their records, being obliged to comply with the established laws in force.

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RESPONSIBILITY AND TRUST. These values are the foundation of healthy growth. It is to be able to win the trust others have placed in us as individuals and as a company providing personal and corporate ownership in everything we do.


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